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HOMEbox Q120 LED Grow Set + 1x GCx 16

HOMEbox Q120 LED Grow Set + 1x GCx 16

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HOMEbox Q120 LED Grow Set + 1x GCx 16

  • high-quality LED illuminant
  • Box with spacious 120 x 120 cm
  • including exhaust air set with AKF
  • with lots of accessories

If you need extra growing space, this grow set with the HOMEbox Q120 is exactly the right solution for you! The grow box offers you a cultivation area of 1.44 square metres and is supplied with plenty of light by the Greenception GCx 16 LED grow lamp. A powerful fan with activated carbon filter creates a healthy climate and ensures odour-free exhaust air. Of course, practical accessories should not be missing: The set therefore also includes cable ratchets, a timer and installation material.

HOMEbox Q120 Ambient

A high-quality grow box is the be-all and end-all of successful indoor growing. The growboxes from Homebox impress with their particularly high strength and very simple assembly. Thanks to their exclusively developed PAR+ inner coating made of intelligent material, they achieve unparalleled reflection values. All Homebox grow tents are completely opaque and allow you to optimally regulate the airflow and indoor climate. In addition to the adjustable OmniFlow Air Vents with insect protection, the Q120 Ambient has a practical passage for cables and irrigation lines. With its white exterior design, it also blends very unobtrusively into your home.

UV-A, far red and 2-channel dimming - top features with the GCx 16!

The seriesX LED lamps from the German manufacturer Greenception impress with outstanding quality and performance. A GCx 16 not only replaces a 600 watt NDL lamp, it also surpasses its overall performance. Not only does the significantly lower power consumption have a positive effect on your electricity bill, but interesting features such as an exactly matching proportion of important UV-A and colour red, as well as 2-channel dimming of the blue and red colour spectrum are really convincing with the GCx 16. Thanks to the separate dimming, you can better meet the light requirements in the different development phases of your plants and save even more electricity. Another clever solution is the Smart Install Rail - with this you can operate the GCx 16 as a compact unit or hang the light strips up to 5 metres apart from each other and thus distribute the rich light output of 1368 ?mol/s in the grow box exactly as you wish.

Ventilation set 250 PRO

The exhaust system of your grow box fulfils several purposes and should therefore be adapted to the size of the box. The ventilation set 250 PRO is ideal for grows with LED in boxes with a base area of approx. 120 x 120 cm, as it has a maximum flow rate of 400 m/h. The two switch levels allow you to adjust the airflow to your needs. The two switching levels allow you to reduce the output to 220 m/h if necessary - this saves electricity and reduces noise emissions. And so that your neighbours don't notice any annoying odours, the matching activated charcoal filter reliably filters them out of the exhaust air. For easy installation, the set includes an aluminium flex hose, hose clips and sleeves.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x HOMEbox Q120
  • 1x GCx16
  • 1x exhaust air set 250 PRO
  • 1x accessories

HOMEbox Q120 LED Grow Set + 1x GCx 16

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