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Growbox GrowPRO L, Grow Tent Set, LED 288W

Growbox GrowPRO L, Grow Tent Set, LED 288W

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The affordable, yet efficient LED grow tent kit 

With the Growbox GrowPRO L, Grow Tent Set, LED 288W you will get an affordable, yet efficient grow tent kit. In a space of 100x100 cm, you can operate your own grow room in an easy and secure way. The innovative LED grow lamps from Greenception ensure rapid growth and larger yields. All of the components have been carefully coordinated for optimal performance.

This set consists of the following articles:
- GrowPRO 2.0 Growbox L Eco 100x100x200cm
- Greenception GC-9, LED Grow Lamp, 288W
- Ventilation kit 250 PRO, grow room ventilation & carbon filter
- Legrand Omnirex timer, analogue
- Rope Ratchet set, infinitely adjustable

GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent L Eco 100x100x200 cm
The compact, yet spacious grow tent from GrowPRO. With an area of one square metre, you can set up a productive grow area where you can realise a wide variety of projects. From winter storage of balcony or garden plants, up to cultivation of fast-growing plants, this grow tent allows you to do almost anything you can think of.

Greenception GC-9 LED
The Greenception GC LED series has been developed as a 1:1 replacement for existing high pressure sodium lights. The LED's 288 W output roughly matches the output of a 400 W HPS light. This way, you can achieve similar results in terms of growth and yield with significantly lower energy costs. All of these units have a range of different output levels. I.e. both their light spectrum and energy consumption can be adapted to the relevant growth stage. We have developed 3 different clusters for the different needs of each stage: Full spectrum, growth and flowering.

Ventilation kit 250 PRO
This coordinated ventilation kit contains a Prima Klima extraction fan with two power levels (45 W / 65 W). The fan extracts up to 220 m3 / 360 m3 of used air per hour from the grow tent. With a compatible carbon filter, fast clamp, 3.3 metres of flexible ducting and all accessories (for optional wall mounting), a ventilation system can be installed with minimal effort which will more than satisfy your needs.

Timer, rope ratchet and other accessories
Our hardware set is rounded out with a high-quality timer for controlling the grow lights or fans, as well a set of two practical rope ratchets for adjusting the height at which the LEDs are suspended (each with cable and two carabiner hooks).

The complete set for optimal LED growing
By buying a complete set you will save up to 10% on the individual prices of the components as well as getting components that are perfectly compatible with one another. The set is easy to assemble (instructions enclosed) and can be used immediately. Delivery is of course free of charge.

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Growbox GrowPRO L, Grow Tent Set, LED 288W

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