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GrowPRO Indoor Grow Accessories Kit

GrowPRO Indoor Grow Accessories Kit

49,95 €

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GrowPRO Indoor Grow Accessories Kit

  • very extensive set
  • favourable set price
  • the usual high GrowPro quality

The Indoor Grow Accessory Set by GrowPro offers you some useful tools and components that really make growing from seedlings to harvest easier. For your little protégés, there's the High Dome indoor greenhouse and forty plug-in labels, and for hanging lamps and reflectors, there are practical rope pull ratchet sets and EasyRolls. To bring the growing plants into shape, 4.9 meters of planting wire are included and for trimming and harvesting, two scissors and a clipper are included. This comprehensive set is rounded off by a 2-speed clip fan with 15 watts.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x GrowPRO EasyRolls set, continuously adjustable, (2 pieces)
  • 1x GrowPRO cable ratchet set, infinitely adjustable
  • 1x GrowPRO High Dome indoor greenhouse, 54 x 27 x 25 cm
  • 1x GrowPRO stick-on labels, yellow, 40 pieces
  • 1x GrowPRO plant wire for low stress training, 5 mm, 4.9 meters
  • 1x GrowPRO 2-speed clip fan, 15W
  • 1x GrowPRO curved scissors
  • 1x GrowPRO Easy scissors
  • 1x "Eagle" clippers, black

GrowPRO Indoor Grow Accessories Kit

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