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GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent Superflap Add-On S/L

GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent Superflap Add-On S/L

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Is there anything that can cover the GrowPRO 2.0?s air duct better than a Superflap can? Yes. Two Superflaps.

Together with the Superflaps included with every GrowPRO 2.0, these three additional flaps allow you to protect the air duct even more flexibly against any light escaping or coming in.

The extra material and additional Velcro fastenings on the sides allow you to shape the Superflaps like a bag, to close off the air duct on three sides. In this way, the air duct can fulfil its function, whilst the flaps minimises the amount of light going into and coming out of the grow tent. Using the additional Superflaps in this set allows you to make the air inlets even more impervious to light, without significantly reducing the air flow.

To do this, you can attach the extra flaps on the opposite side to the Superflaps already installed (which can be attached on the outside or inside as standard with the GrowPRO 2.0) using the Velcro fastenings on the GrowPRO 2.0 grow tent, and you can shape them however you like. Like the Superflaps included with the grow tent, the extra flaps also have one black side and one silver (Mylar) side.

Note: This Superflap set is only compatible with the GrowPRO 2.0 in S or L.

GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent Superflap Add-On for sizes S-L

Manufacturer: GrowPRO

Three Superflaps to cover the air inlets on the GrowPRO 2.0 S or L grow tent.

Exterior material: Polyester?
Interior material: Mylar

Delivery contents:
3x Superflaps approx. 50 x 13 cm