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GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent L Eco 100x100x200 cm

GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent L Eco 100x100x200 cm

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The GrowPRO 2.0 L grow tent with its grow area of one square metre offers ample space for impressive yields from a home grow. 

This spacious grow tent from GrowPRO allows you to turn any spare square metre in your home, loft, cellar, or garage into a productive indoor garden with minimal effort! With a height of two metres and all necessary connectors for optional equipment, there are no limits to what a home grower can achieve. Compatible with up to 600W lighting (provided an appropriate ventilation/cooling system is in place), this tent can even help light-hungry plants to thrive.

GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent Product Information PDF

And the best part: The popular grow tent from GrowPRO is now available in the 2.0 edition. Quality materials and solid construction are complemented here by new sizes and - above all - new features, which are unrivalled on the market.

For example, the GrowPRO has revolutionised the concept of ?air inlet flaps?. Most grow tents feature solutions that either let more air into the tent or retain the construction?s imperviousness to light. If you want both, then you often need to improvise! The GrowPRO 2.0, however, has so-called ?Superflaps?, which have a few certain advantages!

Not only can the flaps generally be installed inside (like in most grow tents) and outside the grow tent, the clever add-ons on the sides allows the flaps to be shaped so that the air inlet is closed on 3 sides, like a bag - this allows an ample air flow into the tent, without letting too much light out.

Furthermore, GrowPRO has vastly improved the upper rods, which are usually used to hang up most of the equipment. Unlike the previously used plastic connectors, the GrowPRO 2.0 comes with solid ?all-in-one? upper rods. This increases their load capacity and makes the GrowPRO 2.0 a long-lasting companion.

Other new features include the double inlet and outlet connectors (which allow flexible lightproofing at the ports), as well as a front zip, which allows you to open the tent at the top, and is especially practical when performing work on the lighting or ventilation systems, as you no longer have to fully open up the tent.

Other than that, the new GrowPRO is just like the old one; solid construction, completely lightproof material, highly reflective Mylar interior sheeting for maximal distribution of the energy implemented and unrivalled value for money.

As with the old GrowPRO, the 2.0 edition can also be assembled or taken down within minutes by a single person, and can be stored to save space when not in use for an extended period.

The GrowPRO 2.0 grow tent can be operated in combination with all conventional lighting and ventilation systems thanks to the generous openings for cabling and air extraction. However, we recommend that beginners purchase the GrowPRO 2.0 grow tent as part of a set, as this will include all of the technical components required to operate the 2.0 grow tent successfully, and you can be sure that they are compatible with one another.

Tip: When you need it to be even more impervious to light (especially in flowering plants, any exposure to light during the dark phase can have undesirable effects), the Superflap system allows you to purchase an additional set of flaps and secure the windows against light from both the inside and the outside. This creates a sort of light block, while at the same time enabling good ventilation.

Even fans of the old rods with plastic connectors can find some solace: For additional support on the sides, or for other uses (e.g. mounting equipment), there are optional tubing sets with strong plastic clips.

GrowPRO 2.0 Eco L, size: 100x100x200 cm

Manufacturer: GrowPRO

Dimensions: W=100 cm, D=100 cm, H=200 cm
Base area: 1.0 m2

Sealable air inlets: 3x (rear, left side, and right side)
Air outlets (diameter: approx. 20cm) 1x (upper side)
Cable inlets (diameter: approx. 12cm): 2x (rear and left)

Exterior material: Polyester?
Interior material: Mylar

Delivery contents:
1x GrowPRO 2.0 Eco L (tent, rods & connectors)
1x assembly instructions
1x waterproof base (approx. 100x100 cm)
4x suspension belts approx. 120cm