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Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS80, 80x80x180 cm Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS80, 80x80x180 cm

Price: 79,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

The Hydro Shoot series from Secret Jardin offers beginner indoor growers a very affordable grow tent that does the job.

The quality and thickness of the exterior material (70D) is rather thin compared to grow tents currently offered by GrowPRO and Homebox. For example, Homebox and GrowPRO grow tents have 600D, which is a significantly thicker exterior material. Despite the thin material, the Hydro Shoot series is completely impervious to light, according to the manufacturer - an important sign of quality.

In general, very cheap grow tents are better suited for tasks such as cutting propagation, mother plant care, or drying. For these kinds of tasks, the cheap alternatives to the brand name grow tents are usually sufficient.

GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent S Eco 80x80x160 cm GrowPRO 2.0 Grow Tent S Eco 80x80x160 cm

Price: instead 85,00 €
only 76,50 €
you save 10 % / 8,50 €

19 % VAT incl.

The compact, yet spacious grow tent from GrowPRO. With an area of around half a square metre, you can set up a productive grow area where you can realise a wide variety of projects. From winter storage of balcony or garden plants, up to cultivation of fast-growing plants, this grow tent allows you to do whatever you like, depending on the setup.

Secret Jardin Propagator 90, 90x60x98cm Secret Jardin Propagator 90, 90x60x98cm

Price: 94,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

- Complete grow combination made of the best reflective mylar
- Space from 70 up to 900 cuttings
- Ø16 mm still structure & tear-proof 190T canvas
- The breathable material provides same temperature and humidity in the whole DP90
- These units can be equipped with TNeon or Tled, for grow & bloom for small plants

Homebox R80S Ambient, size: 80x60x70 cm Homebox R80S Ambient, size: 80x60x70 cm

Price: 109,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

Compact, but effective! The Homebox Ambient R80S is suitable for propagation of cuttings or seedlings, or for cultivating sprouts in the smallest of spaces. The model can be combined with an existing grow tent and you can benefit from the practical advantage of being able to use the existing ventilation system, negating the need for additional floor space. Completely kitted out with the highly-reflective PAR+ interior sheeting, you can install LED or fluorescent lamps to grow strong cuttings.

Homebox Q80+ Ambient, 80x80x180cm Homebox Q80+ Ambient, 80x80x180cm

Price: 169,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

For space-conscious and intensive indoor gardening it's hard to beat the growbox Ambient Q80+. This highly versatile grow tent can be used for growing freshly rooted cuttings or seedlings into juvenile plants.

Homebox Vista Small, Size 65x65x120 cm Homebox Vista Small, Size 65x65x120 cm

Price: 189,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

The Homebox Vista Small offers all the advantages of the Vista Medium ? but in half the space. It also has large viewing windows in the front and side sections and shelves that can be mounted in different ways for growing plants. Of course, in the Homebox Vista Small too, all of the viewing windows can be fully sealed to prevent light coming in, in order to create a completely dark environment where necessary. The two shelves can be implemented individually, which is especially useful for smaller plants and seedlings. However, they can also be removed once the plants reach a certain height and need more space.