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Grow Tent LED Kit Greenception Hydro Shoot 80, 128W

Grow Tent LED Kit Greenception Hydro Shoot 80, 128W

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Budget-friendly LED grow tent kit complete with Greenception LED grow lamp

This perfectly fitting grow kit including grow tent makes it easy for everyone to get started with LED growing. The use of LED lamps in indoor growing is gaining in popularity as they require less electricity than comparable high pressure sodium lights, or provide faster growth and higher yields for the same power output. The Greenception LEDs used in this kit can also be easily adjusted to the different light spectra in the growth and flowering phase as well as in the full spectrum.

As is usual with Growmart, all components in this kit are perfectly coordinated in terms of design, efficiency and operational safety.

This LED grow tent kit consists of the following items:

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS 80, 80 x 80 x 180 cm

The Hydro Shoot HS 80 is an extremely affordable and very popular grow tent that can be successfully installed on an area of 80 x 80 cm. Despite the comparatively thin upper material (70D), the Hydro Shoot grow tent is absolutely opaque - an important quality feature. The highly reflective Mylar layer provides a degree of reflection of approx. 98 %, thereby optimising the light output in the grow tent.

Greenception, GC-4 LED grow lamp, 128 watts

The 128 watts power of the Greenception GC-4 LED grow lamp corresponds approximately to the power of a 250 watts HPS light at a considerably lower operating temperature due to the optimised light spectrum. The LED modules are switch-enabled and can therefore be easily adapted to the energy quantity and light spectrum needed for each phase of plant growth. A highly efficient COB chip, which emits a mainly white light for the human eye, is at the heart of the various clusters for growth, flowering and full spectrum. This makes it much easier to check the plants for pests or the like without the need for additional aids. The connected fans are also automatically adjusted to the performance of the respective output levels and operate more efficiently and quietly as a result.

Ventilation kit 160 ECO, grow room ventilation + carbon filter

This kit is the attractive solution for ventilating a small grow tent with lamps up to max. 250W. Equipped with an extraction fan, a long-life carbon filter as well as all necessary accessories to connect these components to an extractor fan kit. The carbon filter and fan are mounted in the tent, and the exhaust air is extracted from the tent via the flexible ducting. This usually creates enough air pressure in the grow tent to draw fresh air into the grow tent via the (open) air inlets, which removes the need for an additional air intake system. The Ventilution extraction fan can be operated at 2 output levels (15W / 25W) and is therefore well suited to different ventilation requirements of up to 187 m3/h.

Further grow tent kit accessories

This grow kit is topped off by the helpful accessories included with it. These include the infinitely adjustable rope ratchet set, which allows the Greenception LED to be easily adjusted to the best possible required height within the grow tent. The Omnirex Legrand timer, which is also included, ensures reliable and precise light control in the grow tent.

Up to 10% savings when compared to the purchase of individual components

It is not only the fact that all components of the kit are perfectly harmonised with each other; by purchasing this Greenception Hydro Shoot 80 LED kit at 128 Watts, you also save up to 10% on the individual component price. The entire grow kit is quick and easy to set up and is ready for use in no time. Delivery is of course free of charge in Germany and only 9,90 across Europe.

Grow Tent LED Kit Greenception Hydro Shoot 80, 128W

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