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Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XXL + 4x Q4WL, 660W

Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XXL + 4x Q4WL, 660W

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Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XXL + 4x Q4WL, 660W

  • LED Growbox complete set for demanding growers
  • luxurious cultivation area, premium components
  • high-quality, modern growbox from GrowPRO
  • perfectly tuned - with considerable price advantage

Our new Growbox complete set XXL offers you components of the extra class and fantastic yield possibilities on almost 3 square meters of cultivation area. The heart of this tailor-made complete set is our new and improved GrowPRO 3.0 XXL Grow Tent. For the efficient and illumination of your next indoor grow 4 high-power LEDs of the latest generation of SANlight with a total of 660 watts. Additionally included is our powerful yet quiet ventilation set 800 PRO with a powerful tube fan (RV) and a durable activated carbon filter. Of course, you also get all the necessary accessories to put the complete set into operation immediately. This includes a cable ratchet, a timer from Legrand and a clip fan from GrowPRO. All components are perfectly matched and an illustrated assembly instruction is of course also included.

Our new growbox GrowPRO 3.0 XXL

A practical and well manufactured growbox is the heart of every successful indoor grow. Our brand new GrowPRO 3.0 XXL was developed in cooperation with you growers and offers you a lot of premium features at a fabulous price. Once again improved zippers, fantastic PAR reflection values, durable outer material and a solid upper frame for heavy equipment. The now third generation of our popular GrowPRO growboxes is a real top class grow tent.

Four SANlight LED Grow lamps Q4WL-Gen2 with 165 Watt each

With these LEDs from SANlight you get the latest plant lighting from Austria for your indoor grow. The Gen2 series from SANlight promises maximum yields through an extremely high light output with the highest efficiency. Due to the passive and noiseless cooling, the lamps of SANlight emit very little heat to the environment and run efficiently and reliably. 100,000 hours lifetime is easily possible.

Perfectly matched to the SANlight ECO Setup

SANlight has developed two different setups for different requirements and experience in indoor growing. With our LED Growset XXL you are perfectly set up for the ECO Setup, where you can grow efficiently and environmentally friendly with low purchase and operating costs. The ECO Setup from SANlight is also easily forgiving and a dimmer is not absolutely necessary.

Everything for a successful indoor grow with little electricity

With our Growbox complete set LED GrowPRO XXL you get all components for a high quality and abundant indoor grow. With the modern LEDs from SANlight you have the plant lighting energy efficient, cool and quiet under control and with the new GrowPRO 3.0 you get a stable growbox that will give you pleasure for a long time. Due to the precise adjustment of all components contained in the box, you have little effort in the construction and daily operation. Last but not least, you save a full 15% on the purchase of the package, so your wallet will be happy as well.

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Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XXL + 4x Q4WL, 660W

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