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Grodan Delta rockwool cubes, 7.5x7.5x6.5 cm, diagonal length: 40mm

Grodan Delta rockwool cubes, 7.5x7.5x6.5 cm, diagonal length: 40mm

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Grodan Delta rockwool cubes, 7.5x7.5x6.5 cm, diagonal length: 40mm

The popular rockwool cubes from Grodan, which match our Grodan propagation cubes perfectly!

Like the propagation cubes, the hole in the Delta block has a diagonal length of around 40mm, which means you can replant a cube containing a rooted young plant into it with ease. Simply place the propagation cube carefully into the prepared Grodan Delta cube. Replanting has never been so easy!

The wrapper around the Grodan Delta cube prevents the roots from growing out of the sides and can simply be removed before the next replanting without damaging the roots. Alternatively, you can also keep the wrapper on the cube if it is to be replanted only a few centimetres into or on top of the new rockwool substrate. The plant will then grow its roots out of the underside of the cube.

Tip: In principle, the Grodan Delta blocks can be replanted into any vessel (plant pot, bucket, etc.) filled with fresh Grodan rockwool flakes, as long as enough excess water is able to drain out so that the vessel does not get flooded. There is a method that it loved for its ease, which involves replanting several blocks directly into a horizontal bag of rockwool flakes by cutting square holes in the upper side of the bag to put the blocks into. Ample drainage is then ensured by making many short cuts in the underside of the bag to let the water flow out.

Note: Grodan?s rockwool products are a fantastic growing medium for hydroponic systems. The rockwool retains a lot of moisture, while still ensuring that enough air reaches the roots. The Grodan product series is especially well-suited for drip irrigation systems, as long as there is sufficient drainage in place.

Technical information:

Manufacturer: Grodan

Planting-ready rockwool cubes, 7.5x7.5x6.5 cm

Hole for propagation cube (approx.): 40mm