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Greenception GC-16, LED Grow Lamp, 512W

Greenception GC-16, LED Grow Lamp, 512W

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Greenception GC-16, LED Grow Lamp, 512 W. This LED grow lamp replaces a 6000 W HPS lamp.

The Greenception GC LED series has been developed as a 1:1 replacement for existing high pressure sodium lights. It has been developed with the aim to achieve comparable growth results and harvests with significantly lower power consumption.

All of these units have a range of different output levels. I.e. both their light spectrum and energy consumption can be adapted to the relevant growth stage. We have developed 3 different clusters for the different needs of each stage: Full spectrum, growth and flowering.

Power consumption in detail:
Full spectrum (2 clusters): 64 W
Full spectrum (4 clusters): 128 W
Growth spectrum: 64 W
Flowering spectrum: 256 W

At the heart of each cluster is our high-efficiency full spectrum COB chip (link to follow). The growth cluster furthermore has additional blue and white SMD chips from CREE. The flowering cluster has additional red SMD chips from Osram. The full spectrum cluster is supplemented by 4 smaller COB chips.

With respect to the above, it is important to note that due to the properties of the COB chips, the light emitted will appear mostly white to the human eye. This means that it is now finally possible to properly monitor plant without the need for any additional equipment, thus allowing growers to detect problems such as diseases and/or pests at an early stage.

The only other equipment in operation are the fans, which are needed for the corresponding output levels. If the light output is lower, then the number of fans in operation will also be lower.

Some of the chips output infrared and ultraviolet light and may look as though they are not working because these areas of the colour spectrum are not visible to the human eye.
To check whether they are working, simply take a photo or film them with a mobile phone camera in order to be able to see if they are outputting light.
The GC-16 is recommended for boxes with a maximum base area of 120 x 120 cm. Larger boxes will require a larger lamp, such as the GC-16+.

Photosynthetic photon flux density
PPFD expresses the number of photons that arrive on a one square metre area each second. It is measured in Ámol/m2/s (micromolar per square metre per second). This is also the value typically displayed on a portable PAR measurement device. PPFD is the most important indicator for plant growers because it provides an estimate of the average light intensity within the planted area. Measurements are taken for a surface area of 100 x 100 cm, and at a height of 30 cm.

Greenception GC-16, LED Grow Lamp, 512 W

Weight: approx. 11 kg
Dimensions: 525 x 525 x 75 mm
Power consumption: max. 512 W (incl. fans)
Photon flux density (15 cm): up to 2700 μmol/m▓*s
Photon flux density (30 cm): up to 2200 μmol/m▓*s