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Green House Powder Feeding Calcium, 500g

Green House Powder Feeding Calcium, 500g

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Applying calcium strengthens the entire plant and its cells with minimal effort.

The highly-soluble preparation is absorbed quickly, as the calcium ion it contains is EDTA-protected and therefore doesn't react with the other elements. The effect is noticeable on both a microscopic and a macroscopic level. It begins with the strengthening of the cell walls and membranes and also makes itself known with accelerated cell division. In turn, this speeds up root growth, which improves nutrient transport. This product can be used with any type of fertiliser. The easy application makes this product an excellent option for preventing a calcium deficiency in the water.

Application: The mixing ratios vary depending on the plant's phase in life. All instructions can be seen on the product packaging.

To supply plants with additional doses of calcium, you can carry out some thorough foliar feeding. During the flowering phase in particular, this can facilitate fruit growth. A lack of calcium in the soil is improbable from a pH value of 4.5, which is why a calcium deficiency can usually be attributed to insufficient transportation of the necessary calcium. 

Green House Powder Feeding Calcium, 500g

Manufacturer: Green House Seeds Co.

Usage: (pure) calcium fertiliser

Composition (N-P-K): 0-0-0

Manufacturer?s analysis:

Calcium (Ca): 9%

Container size: 500g

Weight: approx. 500g