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Great White Premium Mycorrhizae, 113g

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae, 113g

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Great White Premium Mycorrhizae, 113g

  • Ecological root stimulation
  • Provides plants with all the fungi and bacteria they need
  • Easy to apply, amazing results
  • For growth in soil, coco and hydroponics

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae consists of a carefully composed selection of mycorrhizae fungi and beneficial bacteria. Great White stimulates and provides lasting support for root growth on an ecological basis. Plants treated with Great White develop a visibly larger and more complex root system. The plants grow better and deliver greater yields.

18 different types of mycorrhizae fungi

To be exact, Great White Premium Mycorrhizae consists of a blend of 11 different types of ectomycorrhizae and 7 different types of endomycorrhizae. Every pound of Great White also contains 67,000 endo-microorganisms and 1.5 billion propagules. What's more, it includes 19 beneficial strains of bacteria and 2 species of Trichoderma. Great White Premium Mycorrhizae is an organic stimulant and a real vitamin shot.

Apply spores direct to the roots

Great White is a water-soluble powder and very easy to apply. It is approved for organic and synthetic fertilisers. Great White can be used for cuttings as well as for plants in the growth and flowering phases. Whether it's traditional growth in soil, coco substrate or hydroponic systems, Great White is a fantastic root stimulator in every environment. The plants receive all the fungi and bacteria they need for optimal root growth and magnificent blossoms.


  • Seeds: After planting the seeds, lightly dust with Great White. Fill the hole and water.
  • Soil and coco: add one teaspoon of Great White to the water for the plants every one or two weeks.
  • Hydroponics: add to the nutrient reservoir at a ratio of one teaspoon per 40 litres of water. Great White can also be used as a top drench to make quick physical contact with the roots. In this case add 1 teaspoon to 8 litres of water/nutrient solution.

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae, 113g

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