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GIB Lighting electronic ballast NXE, 4 output levels, 400W

GIB Lighting electronic ballast NXE, 4 output levels, 400W

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An efficient ballast with a lot of options: Four possible output levels: 200W, 300W, 400W and 440W

The NXE 400W from GIB Lighting is an incredibly efficient, yet compact and safe ballast, which allows the indoor gardener to care for remarkable gardens. Another practical advantage of this ballast is the choice of four output levels, which on one hand allow for the operation of a powerful 400W lamp, but also allow for dimmed, and therefore energy-saving operation (of HPS lamps only) for less light-hungry phases of the plant?s life.

According to the manufacturer, the GIB Lighting NXE 400W generates up to 27% higher light output (lumens) with a generally low level of power consumption, and operates silently. Even in long-term operation, the device will only become lukewarm and has an automatic interrupt mechanism for increased safety in case of a short or power surge.

A ballast is crucial when operating grow lighting, such as HPS or metal halide lamps, in order to convert the power source so that it may be used by the lamp. Depending on the type of plant and the light cycle, ballasts are required for 8 to 24 hours per day, which is why you should avoid using less efficient products for this purpose.

Conventional (non-electronic) ballasts waste a large proportion of the energy consumed as useless heat, experience a reduction in performance over time, and can even catch fire (e.g. through extended use).

Electronic ballasts control start phases and performance output via microprocessors, which improves the lamp performance and means that less energy is wasted as heat.

The GIB Lighting NXE 400W is delivered with a built-in lamp cable. You only need to connect the light fixtures before putting it into operation. The power cable can be separated from the device using an IEC plug.

Features of the GIB Lighting NXE 400W:

? Generates little heat?
? Conserves lamps using soft-start / no flickering when in operation?
? More lumens per watt in the long-term / even with older lamps

Note: For safety reasons, the manufacturer recommends that the NXE 400W should only be operated with 400W lamps, as weaker lamps (e.g. 250W) can be damaged at the higher output levels. Metal halide lamps (400W) may only be operated at the intended output level (i.e. 400W) and can be neither dimmed nor boosted. Operating metal halide lamps at a ?boosted? output level can cause explosions!

GIB Lighting electronic ballast NXE, 4 output levels, 400W

Manufacturer: GIB Lighting

Compatible lamp types: HPS & MH, 400W
Output levels: 4 (200W, approx. 300W, 400W and approx. 440W)

Power cable: approx. 1.5 m
Reflector supply line: approx. 4.3m

Power input: 415W?
Power output: 400W??
Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz??
Voltage range: 165 ~ 265 V?
Power consumption: 1.80A?
Operating frequency: high frequency??, no audible noise, no flickering?
Ambient temperature: -20C to 50C

Dimensions: L= 27cm, W= 10.5cm, H= 8.0cm?

Weight: approx. 2.3kg

Note: Cabling work is required. It should only be connected by an authorised specialist. The legal requirements (VDE guidelines) must always be met. CRP Import - Export GmbH accepts no liability and provides no warranty coverage for damages to objects and persons caused by improper connection.