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Prima Klima Industry 180 m3/h, ĝ 100mm Prima Klima Industry 180 m<sup>3</sup>/h, ĝ 100mm

Price: 56,00 €

19 % VAT incl.

available now

The Prima Klima Industry Line premium carbon filters are characterised by a remarkably high durability and an incomparable odour adsorption. The filters are refillable and have a 4cm deep bed of first quality, highly activated CTC75 carbon with a active surface area of >1200m²/g. This ensures an exceptionally long contact time between air and carbon, which is highly effective for removing odours. High-quality metal press parts provide maximum stability and durability. The extra-long flange provides a secure connection.

PrimaKlima Granular Activated Carbon CTC75 2,5kg Ĝ 4mm PrimaKlima Granular Activated Carbon CTC75 2,5kg Ĝ 4mm

Price: 29,90 €

11,96 € per 1kg - 19 % VAT incl.

available now

  • for refilling AKFs
  • 4 mm diameter pellets
  • high-quality CTC75 activated carbon
  • for industry line filters

If your activated carbon filter from PrimaKlima loses its effectiveness, you should take action before unpleasant odors bother you or your neighbors. Instead of replacing the entire filter, you can also dispose of the old filling and replace it with fresh CTC75 activated carbon. This saves costs and also protects the environment, since neither energy nor raw materials are required for a new filter housing. The activated carbon is pressed into pellets with a diameter of 4 mm, has the same high quality as the original PrimaKlima filling and is intended for Industry-Line filters. Refill carbon for Eco-Line filters require pellets with a diameter of 3 mm. You can find these here.