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Elektrox Green LED headlamp, 3 levels

Elektrox Green LED headlamp, 3 levels

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Elektrox Green LED: Light outside of the chlorophyll A & B absorption spectrum.

Especially useful for fans of short-day plants, Elektrox has introduced the green LED headlamp, which helps gardeners to perform work during the dark periods without disturbing the plants? photoperiod. The phenomenon exploited by the green LED is called the ?green gap?, and describes the portion of sunlight that is not used by plants and is completely reflected. In short-day plants, flowering is induced by day length, therefore short-day plants require regular dark periods to avoid interrupting the induction cycle. It takes only a minute of exposure to light to suppress flowering in short-day plants.

Tip: Use green light to avoid disturbing the flowering induction.

Note: According to the manufacturer, the lamp is weather-proof. 

Elektrox Green LED headlamp, 3 levels

Technical information

Manufacturer: Elektrox

Power supply: 3 x AAA batteries