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Elektrox CFL Light Set for growth & flowering phases 125W

Elektrox CFL Light Set for growth & flowering phases 125W

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Elektrox energy-saving lamps for the growth & flowering phases:

The energy saving lamps from Elektrox with a light colour spectrum that is ideal for the plant growth and flowering phases.

Energy-saving lamps offer a significant advantage over conventional HPS or metal halide lighting, as there is a ballast already built in. The lamp can therefore be screwed right in to an E40 socket and started straight away. Another advantage is that CFL lights give off more intense light with reduced heat generation. In order to make optimal use of this advantage, CFL lamps must be positioned 3-5 cm above the plant tips.

Tip: Never touch the glass parts of lamps with bare hands!

Technical information:

Manufacturer: Elektrox
Ballast: built-in
Lamp type: CFL (energy-saving)
Wattage: 125
Voltage: 230 volts
Colour temperature: 2700 & 6500 Kelvin
Burning position: universal
Socket: E40
Weight: approx. 1kg
Number of u-shaped lamp filaments: 5

Delivery contents:

1x Elektrox 125W flowering, 1x Elektrox 125W growth