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Elektrox CFL 6500K growth spectrum, 125W

Elektrox CFL 6500K growth spectrum, 125W

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CFL plant lighting for direct installation in an E40 socket. A ?cool? alternative to HPS and metal halide lamps.

The energy saving lamp from Elektrox with a light colour spectrum ideal for the plant growth phase is a good addition to any grow room. Whether it?s to be used as the main light source for smaller setups or as energy-efficient lighting for separate zones for cuttings or mother plants.

The pros and cons of CFL lamps are a common talking point among home gardeners. The fact of the matter is that today?s energy saving lamps are unable to achieve the level of performance (lm/W) that HPS or even metal halide lamps achieve as standard. As such, energy-saving lamps don?t really save energy, quite the opposite: More watts are required to achieve the same amount of usable light.

However, CFL lights do have some advantages: First and foremost, the much lower operating temperature. A CFL light can usually still be touched even after several hours of operation (which should be avoided so as to preserve the lamp), whereas HPS and metal halide lamps can reach surface temperatures of hundreds of degrees Celsius in a matter of minutes.

This means that CFL lamps may be positioned a good dal closer to the plants (approx. 4-10 cm above the plant tips), which balances out the lower luminosity, at least in part. The reduced heat generation also has a positive effect on the room climate, as less heat given off means that you may forego climate control, which can often be very laborious.

Another advantage is that CFL lamps come with a ballast (required to ignite the lamp) already built in to the socket. CFL lamps are particularly popular among beginners (or those who wish to set up a second small grow area, e.g. for cultivating cuttings or mother plants), as there is little additional equipment required to operate them.

A CFL light can be operated directly in an E40 socket (which is then connected to the power mains using a suitable cable).

Note: Due to their construction, CFL lamps are considerably heavier than HPS or metal halide lamps. As such, you may observe the lamp sagging in the reflector frame with some reflectors. We recommend that you use a quality reflector with a solid frame to avoid this.

Tip: Never touch the glass parts of lamps with bare hands! The skin?s oils can reduce the lifetime and luminosity of the lamp.

Elektrox CFL 6500K growth spectrum, 125W

Manufacturer: Elektrox

Lamp type: CFL / energy-saving lights
Number of u-shaped lamp filaments: 5
Socket: E40

Ballast required: No
Dimmable: No

Power consumption: 125W?
Voltage: 230-240V
Lamp voltage: n/a
Lamp current: n/a
Luminous flux: approx. 8,000 lumens
Lumens per watt (lm/W): 64
Colour temperature: Blue/white 6500 Kelvin
Lifetime (average): 10,000 hours

Dimensions: L= approx. 380 mm, diameter = approx. 120 mm

Weight: approx. 700g

Note: Lamps are non-durable goods. The manufacturer cannot offer any warranty. Therefore, there is no entitlement to replacement or return if the lamp stops working prematurely. The product may be exchanged if it has not been used and it is still in its original packaging.