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Easy Rollers set, infinitely adjustable, 2 pieces.

Easy Rollers set, infinitely adjustable, 2 pieces.

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The classic for infinitely adjustable reflector mounting. Set of practical Easy Rollers with mounting accessories.

Easy Rollers are an astonishing solution for mounting height-adjustable grow lamps in a grow tent or grow room. The Easy Rollers are simply secured under the lid or on the upper bars of the grow tent, the hanging cable is rolled out to the desired length and set using the adjusting screw.

Then, a lamp or reflector can be affixed to the rolled-out hanging cable, which can then be adjusting at any time simply by lifting.

As the effectiveness rate of lighting for indoor grows is defined by the optimal distance from the plant tips, Easy Rollers are a truly convenient and useful tool for mounting reflectors.

Delivery contents include 2 Easy Rollers including screw set for ceiling installation.

Easy Rollers set, infinitely adjustable, 2 pieces.

Manufacturer: n/a

Delivery contents:

2x Easy Roller mounting systems
1x screw set for ceiling installation

Weight: approx. 250g