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Drying net 60cm, eight layer

Drying net 60cm, eight layer

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Drying net 60cm, eight layer

  • fine mesh, good protection against insects
  • Good air flow prevents mould
  • practical and space-saving to store
  • approx. 165 cm long

Are you tired of tediously stretching strings to dry herbs and the like? Then use this practical drying net. It has a loop at the top and can be easily hung up almost anywhere. With a length of almost 170 cm and a diameter of 60 cm, you can store a lot of plants in it. There are 8 levels, each with a height of approx. 20 cm. The fine-meshed net allows air to circulate well and ensures even drying. Insects, on the other hand, have no chance to get to the harvest of your grow, the meshes are too small for them. When you don't need the drying net, it folds up to a very small pack size and is easy to stow away.

Technical details:

  • Total height: approx. 165 cm
  • 8 layers
  • Diameter: approx. 60 cm
  • Height of the individual layers: approx. 20 cm

Drying net 60cm, eight layer

Technical information