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Dab Torch

Dab Torch

19,90 €

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Dab Torch, butane gas lighter

The Dab Torch is a handy, yet powerful gas lighter, manufactured by Silver Match. The torch creates a precisely adjustable, blue jet flame with a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius.

The Dab Torch is refillable with butane gas. Due to its transport, it only comes slightly filled in the packaging. The Dab Torch has a child safety lock.

Further uses: camping, cooking, welding, creme brulee.

Safety instructions:
- Do not set the flame too large
- Do not let it burn for too long, turn it upside down or drop it
- Store in a cool, dry place (must not be over 50 degrees Celsius)
- Do not store in the sun or near sources of ignition
- Keep away from children
- Never point towards face, clothing or skin whilst in use

Dab Torch

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