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CocoStar Coconut Bale, 70 litres

CocoStar Coconut Bale, 70 litres

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CocoStar Coconut Bale, 70 litres:

The CocoStar Coconut Bale is a popular growing medium.

Produced from coconut husks, this growing media offers some advantages over conventional soil.

The intensive production process involves the coconut substrate being washed with fresh water and adjusted to the correct pH level (6.2). Another advantage is the relatively low weight of 5kg. Coconut is a very rich growing medium and is becoming more and more popular among hobby gardeners.

CocoStar Coconut Bale contains organisms that naturally support root growth and nutrient uptake.

CocoStar products are 100% organic and bio-degradable.

CocoStar products are delivered in a dehydrated state and may only be used as a growing medium after adding water.

Technical information:

Weight: 5 kg

For 70 litres of coco coir, add approx. 18 litres of water.

Dimensions: 30x30x12 cm.