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Clonex Mist, 100ml

Clonex Mist, 100ml

10,90 €

10,90 € per 100ml

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Clonex Mist, 100ml

  • constantly successful cloning
  • easy to use spray mist
  • rapid root formation
  • healthy root growth

This new spray mist from Clonex helps to consistently achieve better results when cloning mother plants. Clonex Mist can be simply sprayed on the mother plant a few days before taking the cutting. After the desired cuttings have been detached from the mother plant with a scalpel, they are immersed into a glass filled with Clonex Rooting Gel.

The clones are then placed in rockwool cubes, for example by Grodan. After placement, the cuttings are once again sprayed with Clonex spray mist. Independent tests by Dr Lynette Morgan in New Zealand have shown that cuttings which have been treated with Clonex Mist form roots 10 days earlier and also develop up to 30% more roots than cuttings which have only been treated with water.

A heated propagator should ideally be used to promote the healthy development of the new clones so that the climatic conditions remain stable and conducive to growth.

Clonex Mist, 100ml

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