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CarbonActive HL Reduction, 200 to 150mm

CarbonActive HL Reduction, 200 to 150mm

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Reduce various connections from 200 mm diameter to 150 mm

Especially in indoor gardening, you always have to deal with different sized connections (of filters, pipes, hoses, Cooltubes, etc.). But with these practical reductions from CarbonActive, this is finally history - because they are particularly versatile.

Whether you want to reduce the diameter from a filter, fan or hose to hose, these reductions connect different sized connections - form-fitting and without any intermediate pieces. In addition, they are made of ABS and thus very durable.

Particularly suitable are the CarbonActive reductions for the carbon filters by CarbonActive. For example, a carbon filter with an opening of 200 mm or 125 mm can be attached to a fan or ventilation hose of 160 mm, 150 mm, 125 mm or 100 mm diameter.

This reduction reduces from an inside diameter of 200 millimeters to an outside diameter of 150 millimeters.

The versatility of CarbonActive reductions at a glance:
- for all conventional carbon filters
- for almost all tube fans
- for Cooltubes
- for wall flanges
- for Y-pieces

The following CarbonActive reductions can be found in our shop:
- CarbonActive reduction, 125 / 100mm
- CarbonActive reduction, 200 / 125mm
- CarbonActive reduction, 200 / 150mm
- CarbonActive reduction, 200 / 160mm

CarbonActive HL Reduction, 200 to 150mm

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