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Canna COGr Vega A & B, 2x5 litres growth fertiliser

Canna COGr Vega A & B, 2x5 litres growth fertiliser

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The fertiliser for healthy growth, specifically for cultivation in COGr boards.

If you decide to use a so-called COGr board, you must first buffer it with a special nutrient solution. This allows the boards to expand and makes them suitable for use as a substrate.

Thereafter, it is important to provide the COGr board with a regular supply of important nutrients. For the growth phase, we recommend Canna COGr Vega A and B, a 2-component fertiliser that provide your plant with many substances, including humic and fulvic acids. The product also contains valuable silicon to increase your plant?s resilience to pests and disease.

Shake the Canna COGr Vega A and B bottles well before use. Then add Canna COGr Vega A to the water-filled nutrient reservoir first. Stir well to evenly distribute the fertiliser. Then add Canna COGr Vega B. Ensure a ratio of 1:250 (40 ml of COGr Vega A and 40 ml of COGr Vega B per 10 litres of water.

Never mix Canna COGr Vega A and B together without diluting first, as this can create substances that cannot be absorbed by the plant. Always store this product in a dark place.

Note: Recommended pH value: 5.5 - 6.2

Canna COGr Vega A and B, 5 litres

Manufacturer: Canna

Delivery contents:

Canna COGr Vega A, 5 litres

Canna COGr Vega B, 5 litres

NPK values: 5 - 2 - 5

Container size: 2x5 litres

Weight: approx. 12kg