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Canna Bio Vega, 1 litre growth fertiliser

Canna Bio Vega, 1 litre growth fertiliser

14,90 €

14,90 € per 1l

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Healthy, powerful growth. Special fertiliser for ecological cultivation in soil.

A requirement for lavish blooms and a rich, aromatic yield is that the plant is first in the position to develop a strong, extensive root system and healthy shoots. Therefore, the growth phase plays a decisive role in the overall development of the plant.

Canna Bio Vega is an intelligent, purely organic fertiliser that can provide your plant with all of the nutrients it needs for this sensitive phase. Among other things, this product contains betaine nitrate, which is released as required by the plant and can be absorbed particularly easily. This allows for early flowering, even with accelerated growth.

Canna Bio Vega is used for ecological cultivation in soil. With this in mind, we would like make you acquainted with the Bio Terra Plus soil, a purely organic and particularly well-aerated soil that offers your plant the perfect nutritious substrate.

Canna Bio products comply with the international guidelines from Skal, a control authority for organic agriculture. Products grown using Canna Bio products can therefore be labelled as organic ecologically-friendly. Canna Bio Vega contains no animal products whatsoever.

Canna Bio Vega, 1 litre

Manufacturer: Canna

Delivery contents:

1x Canna Bio Vega, 1 litre

Composition (N-P-K): 3.5 - 1 - 5.5

Container size: 1000ml

Weight: approx. 1kg