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COMBIDEC flexible ducting, 10m, 160mm

COMBIDEC flexible ducting, 10m, 160mm

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COMBIDEC flexible ducting, 10m, 160mm

COMBIDEC ducting is robust, fully-flexible, light, laminate ducting for a variety of uses. The ducting consists of multiple layers of aluminium and polyester, with a covered wire spiral. The ducting can easily be mounted to round and oval-shaped connection parts. COMBIDEC ducting is certified as fire-resistant in many countries according to international norms. The technical information table has specific information on the different types of ducting.

The COMBIDEC series is all based on aluminium-laminate duct with an outer jacket of copolymer. The aluminium laminate used was developed by DEC International and has a so-called ?sandwich construction?. The different layers of polyester, aluminium and copolymer overlap each other completely. This makes the construction particularly solid. The outer jacket is resistant to wear and steam-tight. This makes the exterior of the ducting even more resilient.

The advantages over PVC ducting:

- higher temperature resistance
- less smoke given off in case of fire

The advantages over aluminium laminated ducting:

- better resistance to local loads
- higher tear resistance
- better mechanical protection against external influences

Combidec ducting is not suitable for extracting combustion products from oil-heated boilers and open fireplaces or stoves. Combidec ducting is also not suitable for transporting air with a high concentration of acids or alkalis.


The installation and assembly of the products must be done by a qualified professional. The values given related to temperatures may not be used to determine physical properties. These properties are also dependent on the air humidity, as well as on the air temperature inside and outside of the ventilation system.

COMBIDEC flexible ducting, 10m, 160mm

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