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BetterGrow Vermiculite, 2 litres

BetterGrow Vermiculite, 2 litres

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BetterGrow Vermiculite, 2 litres

Basic mixing ingredients in a convenient 2 litre size. Packaged in robust tubs.

BetterGrow Vermiculite improves the growing media for better plant growth.

Horticulturalists use Vermiculite as a top dressing for seeds, rooting cuttings and to improve the growing medium.

Adding BetterGrow Vermiculite in the growing medium:
- improves aeration drainage and moisture retention
- will support healthy root growth
- improves germination rates and early seedling growth

By adding BetterGrow Vermiculite to a potting mix you will help plant growth. The vermiculite absorbs nutrients, preventing them from being washed out and then releasing them gradually to the plants. Vermiculite improves aeration, drainage and moisture retention in all potting mixes and aids healthy root growth.

Also, BetterGrow Vermiculite makes an ideal top dressing for seeds to provide support as seedlings emerge and it insulates against fluctuations in surface temperature when used as a seed covering so you get an overall better and uniform seed germination.

BetterGrow Vermiculite, 2 litres

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