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Bestron clip-on fan, 2 speed levels

Bestron clip-on fan, 2 speed levels

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Flexible ventilation, wherever it?s needed:
The small, powerful Bestron clip-on fan.

The classic for simple ventilation in a grow room or grow tent. The fan has a clip and a stand, which offer a wide range of options for implementation. As such, the fan can be affixed to almost any rod or edge with ease.

Its compact construction also makes it a suitable fan for use in small grow rooms or grow tents.

There is a choice of two operating speeds, and the fan always runs quietly.

The fan head can be tilted vertically by 45°, and rotated horizontally by 360° degrees around the device axis.

Hurricane clip-on fan with stand, 15W

Manufacturer: Bestron

Adjustable: Yes, switch for 2 speed levels
Output: 15W
Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz??
Flow volume: up to approx. 740m3/h
Diameter: approx. 19cm?

Weight: approx. 0.8kg