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Athena CaMg, 950ml

Athena CaMg, 950ml

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Athena CaMg, 950ml

  • as a supplement to Athena 2-component fertilizers
  • highly concentrated calcium and magnesium
  • especially important for water from reverse osmosis
  • improves nutrient absorption

Athena CaMg contains a lot of quickly available calcium and magnesium. It is well suited to supplement Athena fertilisers, even if they already contain both substances. Some plants have a high demand for calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg), which you can easily cover with Athena CaMg.

Especially important with reverse osmosis

If you use reverse osmosis water for your indoor grow to provide your plants with maximum nutrients, the use of additional calcium and magnesium is essential. Reverse osmosis removes these essential substances from the water.

Protection against deficiency symptoms when growing on coco

In contrast to growing soil, coco substrate usually contains very little magnesium and calcium. To prevent harmful deficiency symptoms, it is essential to supplement the nutrient solution with a CaMg preparation.

Strong cells and strong root growth

Magnesium is an important trace element for root growth. A well-developed root system creates the prerequisite for rapid nutrient uptake and thus for the formation of large and dense flowers. Calcium ensures a stable cell structure and strong stems and branches. In addition, it is involved in cell division and supports rapid growth.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 950 ml Athena CaMg

Athena CaMg, 950ml

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