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Atami Triangle Pack

Atami Triangle Pack

14,50 €

1,93 € per 100ml

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Atami Triangle Pack

  • Especially easy to use
  • Individual fertilisers for growth and flowering
  • Mainly biological nutrients
  • with additional flower stimulator

With the Atami Triangle Pack you can achieve great indoor growing results without much effort and at a very low cost. For each development phase of your plants, there is a fertiliser that is precisely tailored to the needs of growth and flowering. The pack also contains a flower stimulator for extra large yields.

ATA NRG Growth-C

This fertiliser is specially designed for the growth phase. The precisely balanced combination of nutrients ensures rapid root growth, vigorous development of main and side shoots and healthy foliage development.


Specially for the flowering phase, Bloom-C contains not only primary nutrients but also special amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, plant hormones, seaweed and algae extracts and plenty of trace elements. Your plants get all the nutrients they need for rapid flower growth.

ATA NRG Flower-C

To give the flowers an extra boost, the flower fertiliser is supplemented with Flower-C. This booster contains flower stimulants that can be absorbed by the plants in a very fast way, enabling them to produce even larger and heavier flowers. Look forward to particularly high yields!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 250 ml ATA NRG Growth-C
  • 1x 250 ml ATA NRG Bloom-C
  • 1x 250 ml ATA NRG Flower-C

Atami Triangle Pack

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