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Air-cooled reflector connector set, 10 metre, 160 to 125 mm

Air-cooled reflector connector set, 10 metre, 160 to 125 mm

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The practical set for connecting a 125mm air-cooled reflector to an existing 160mm ventilation system.

Want to install an air-cooled reflector into a 160mm system? These three parts make that possible. Solid, galvanised reducer and light, flexible aluminium ducting (opaque) from Ventilution.

If you wish to install an air-cooled reflector in an existing ventilation system with a carbon filter, we recommend the following setup: Mount a reducer directly to the 160mm extractor fan (e.g. using a 160mm fast clamp) on the side that draws the air in. The other reducer is connected to the carbon filter in the same way.

Then you should cut the flexible ducting included in half, and use the one half to connect the carbon filter to the air-cooled reflector, and the other half to connect the air-cooled reflector to the extractor fan.

Tip: Only use as much flexible ducting as is necessary for suspending the air-cooled reflector as desired (or in a height adjustable way), as every centimetre of ducting used reduced the fan performance. You should also avoid having any unnecessary bends in the flexible ducting, as this can also reduce the fan performance.

Air-cooled reflector connector set, 10 metres, 160 mm to 125 mm

Manufacturer: Ventilution

Delivery contents:
2x 160mm to 125mm reducers:
1x flexible ducting ca. 10 m, diameter: 125 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg