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Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom, 4 Litre

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom, 4 Litre

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Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom, 4 Litre

  • advanced bloom booster with chelates
  • up to 30% more nutrients for your plants
  • optimum availability of nutrients
  • pH value always perfect, automatically

Of the 3 products in the pH Perfect series of nutrients, pH Perfect Bloom fertiliser has been specifically designed for the flowering phase. Together with the other components, pH Perfect Grow and pH Perfect Micro, Advanced Nutrients ensures that your plants have the best possible supply of all the relevant nutrients. By ensuring tiptop availability of nutrients, the Advanced Nutrients technology makes it possible to achieve simply stunning increases in yield!

Chelates ensure an optimum utilisation of nutrients

Advanced Nutrients' high-performance nutrient products represent the fruits of intensive research and have been quite specifically custom-made to meet the requirements of growers. The three members of the pH Perfect series are simple to use from day to day and guarantee that your plants really do get the nutrients they need. Advanced Nutrients contain a range of special ingredients known as chelates which ensure that the nutrients available are absorbed more quickly and efficiently than they are with many other fertilisers.

pH that is always perfectly set

A special advantage of Advanced Nutrients is that the pH of your nutrient solution is always optimally set and stable. This is very important for successful growth, and it's especially convenient for you. With Advanced Nutrients you no longer need a pH meter: you can rely on the pH value always being set to an optimum level.

Suitable for all growing media and methods

The products in the Advanced Nutrients Perfect series can be recommended without restriction for any growing medium and cultivation technique. However, pH Perfect Grow, pH Perfect Micro and pH Perfect Bloom should always be used in combination to unleash their maximum effect and raise your yields to a new level.

Instructions for use:

  • the Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect range must always be used in the order Micro, Grow, Bloom
  • ON NO ACCOUNT should you simply mix them together!
  • Use pH Perfect Bloom from the first week of growth onwards


  • Week 1: 1 ml pH Perfect to 1 litre of water
  • Week 2: 2 ml pH Perfect to 1 litre of water
  • from the third week to cutting: 4 ml pH Perfect to 1 litre of water
  • the dosage is based on an EC value of 0.0. If the EC value is over 0.0 (e.g. tap water), reduce the dosage accordingly

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom, 4 Litre

Manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients