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Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro, 10 Liter

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro, 10 Liter

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Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro, 10 Liter

  • contains extra high levels of micronutrients
  • for combination with Grow and Bloom
  • suitable for soil, hydro and coco
  • easy dosage

If you like to keep precise control over the fertilisation of your plants, a 3-component fertiliser system is just the thing for you. To make sure it's not too complicated and, most importantly, not too expensive, Advanced Nutrients has created a cost-effective and easy-to-use option for 3-component fertilisation with its Jungle Juice line.

Why is Jungle Juice Micro so important?

Jungle Juice Micro contains all the necessary micro and additional nutrients such as iron, calcium and various trace elements. As a 5-0-1 fertiliser, it also contains a lot of important nitrogen. All these additives in their sophisticated composition enable jungle-like growth and explosive flowering. Only by combining Jungle Juice Grow / Jungle Juice Bloom with Jungle Juice Micro is the full potential of this 3-component fertiliser unleashed.

Suitable for soil and hydroponic systems

Whether you are growing in soil or have installed a hydroponic system, you can use Jungle Juice here. Jungle Juice can also be used on coco, although it is better to use pH Perfect Sensi Coco in this case

What are the advantages of Jungle Juice Grow, Bloom and Micro?

All three fertiliser components contain high-quality primary and secondary nutrients, important minerals and trace elements in different compositions and dosages. This gives you maximum influence on the nutrient levels depending on the development phase of your plants and you can even cater for the different needs of different varieties. Jungle Juice mixes easily with water and is naturally compatible with other Advanced Nutrients boosters and fertilisers. For best results, use all 3 components together.

Instructions for use:

For the Jungle Juice line, Advanced Nutrients recommends:

  • Seedlings and cuttings: 1 ml/l
  • Growth phase: 2 ml/l
  • Bloom: 4 ml/l

These values apply to an EC value of 0.0. For higher EC values, such as tap water, the dose must be reduced.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro, 10 Liter

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