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Adjust-A-Wings Defender White, medium

Adjust-A-Wings Defender White, medium

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The popular wing reflector by Adjust-A-Wings, in efficient titanium white.

The popular reflector by Adjust-A-Wings, in efficient titanium white. The reflector, like all Adjust-A-Wings models, is made from light, rust-free aluminium and is coated with a resistant, easy-to-clean polymer sheeting. This sheeting is extremely resistant to heat and distributes the light more evenly than any other Adjust-A-Wing reflector. This reflector reaches slightly lower light reflection values than the Avenger models, for example, but this effect is negligible thanks to the particularly even light distribution.

Constructed in the same way as the other models, this reflector?s wing-shaped reflective surfaces illuminate evenly, which enables optimal surface illumination and light output.

The solidly-constructed E40 socket allows easy, safe cabling of the reflector and a ballast.

The medium version allows you to evenly illuminate an area of up to 2.6 m, which allows the ambitious gardener to get the most out of high-output lamps (e.g. 600W).

Overview of the features of the Adjust-A-Wings Defender (medium):

? illuminated area of 2.6m2
? titanium white reflective sheeting made from heat-resistant polymers
? optimal light and heat distribution?
? hardly any energy loss??
? suitable for HPS and metal halide lamps 400-600W ?
? suitable for CFL lights with e40 bulb holders

Note: An electronic ballast is also required to operate this reflector when using HPS or metal halide lamps. When using CFL lights, a suitable moisture resistant cable is needed.

Adjust-A-Wings Defender White, medium

Manufacturer: Adjust-A-Wings

Socket: E40
Dimensions: L=50cm, W= 58-72cm, H= approx. 20cm?

Illuminated area: up to 2.63 m2

Delivery contents:

1x Adust-A-Wings Defender medium
1x height-adjustable ceramic E40 socket
1x assembly screws and tension cable

Weight: approx. 1.35kg

Compatible with HPS and metal halide lamps with an e40 bulb holder (for which an additional ballast is required) and CFL lights with an e40 bulb holder.

Note: Cabling work is required. It should only be connected by an authorised specialist. The legal requirements (VDE guidelines) must always be met. CRP FOOD Import Export GmbH accepts no liability and provides no warranty coverage for damages to objects and persons caused by improper connection.