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250W HPS lighting kit, Lumatek + Adjust-A-Wing

250W HPS lighting kit, Lumatek + Adjust-A-Wing

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250W Premium HPS lighting kit + Lumatek

The Lumatek 250 Premium grow light set is the perfectly matched component solution for installing a 250W lighting system for operating HPS or metal halide lamp with minimal effort. A quality ballast, a reflector with an E40 socket, time control by LeGrande, as well as the popular Easy Rollers for easy height adjustment of the reflector - this means that nearly every corner of a grow area can be repurposed for growing.

Note: The Lumatek 250 Premium grow light set is not suitable for operating CFL lights (energy-saving lamps) with E40 sockets. They have an in-built ballast and could possibly be damaged if used in this lighting system.

Growmart makes no compromises when it comes to ballasts - quality and safety are essential for all HPS and metal halide lighting systems. The Lumatek 250 Economy grow light set therefore comes with the Lumatek NXE 250 electronic ballast. The ?Superlumen switch? enables an additional output level of around 275W when operating high pressure sodium lights, to squeeze out the last bit of illumination from the lamp. (Increases output by about 10%)

Note: The Superlumen output levels are only available for HPS lamps. Metal halide lamps cannot be dimmed or operated at Superlumen levels for technical reasons. Metal halide lamps must be operated at their exact output level (e.g. the 250W level for a 250W lamp).

The quality, glass-coated Adjust-A-Wing reflector also supplied is equipped with an E40 bulb holder and can be connected directly to the Lumatek ballast. The flexible options for installing this unusual reflector means that the illuminated area can be increased or reduced.
The heat shield super-spreader included in the set minimises so-called hotspots, and the lighting can be positioned even closer to the plants, which also increases the light output.

The Omnirex timer provides a precise switch system. The Easy Rollers are supplied with accessories for mounting on walls or ceilings.

Technical information / Delivery contents:

Electronic ballast Lumatek NXE 250 watts,
with ?Superlumen? switch (approx. 275W)

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger medium, inc. e40 bulb holder
+ Heat shield super-spreader, medium

Omnirex Timer (analogue)
2x Easy Rollers, inc. screw set

Note: The Lumatek 250 Premium grow light set is supplied without lamps. All HPS or metal halide lamps with suitable output levels and an E40 socket available at Growmart may be used. 

CFL lights with E40 sockets may not be operated with this lighting system!

Note: Cabling work is required. It should only be connected by an authorised specialist. The legal requirements (VDE guidelines) must always be met. CRP FOOD Import Export GmbH accepts no liability and provides no warranty coverage for damages to objects and persons caused by improper connection.